New Beginnings provides support throughout the entire recovery process for our clients. Our experience demands that we meet our clients at their needs, whether they have completed treatment at a residential setting or through one of our intensive outpatient programs. Relapse, or the return to heavy alcohol or drug use following a period of abstinence, unfortunately may occur in some clients who have completed a treatment program. It is our goal to prepare our clients with the insight and education into the risks and causes of relapse.

Our Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention is an evidence-based program that integrates cognitive behavioral relapse prevention skills with mindfulness practices. Mindfulness practices assist clients in “increasing awareness of triggers and habitual reactions, to develop a new relationship with these experiences and to learn concrete skills to use in high risk situations.”(Bowen, S., Chawla, N., and Marlatt, G.A. Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors: A Clinician’s Guide, New York: The Guilford Press, 2011.)

The program is designed for individuals who are new to recovery or may be struggling to maintain their recovery. Individuals who are new to recovery may find a deeper understanding of their personal recovery process while developing skills to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Individuals who are struggling to maintain recovery will understand their own personal triggers and how to effectively deal with them in positive manners.

Relapse prevention is an important component of acute and post acute alcohol and drug treatment. Evidence shows that high-risk situations, coping skills, and lifestyle factors and urges and cravings can contribute to relapse. New Beginnings employs strategies that allow our therapists and clients to address each step of the relapse process by:

  • Identifying specific high-risk situations for each client and enhancing our clients’ skills for coping with those situations.


  • Increasing our clients’ confidence in recovery.


  • Disproving and eliminating common misconceptions regarding the effects of alcohol and drugs.


  • Changing our clients’ perceptions of the relapse process.

New Beginnings works to help balance our clients’ lifestyle and help them to develop trigger control techniques, urge management skills, and developing relapse road maps.

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