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Difference Between Different Types Of Residence Care Providers

Difference Between Different Types Of Residence Care Providers

Being a caregiver for an elderly loved one can be incredibly stressful, especially for family members that do not have prior experience dealing with the emotional, economic, and physical burdens that come along with taking on this kind of responsibility. Family caregivers often place their own health and well-being at risk in order to offer help to their loved ones without realizing that there's no shame in seeking some outside help. Choosing the right kind of home care service can be difficult for those who aren't in the know, though, which is where this article comes in.

Home Care Aides

Home care aides, also referred to within the industry as in-home caregivers, offer compassionate help with daily home health care aids activities. They offer companionship and personal care, including assistance with meal preparation and daily activities such as personal grooming and dressing and transportation to and from activities. These aides are not medically certified, making them technically non-clinical workers, but they are trained to provide companionship and perform basic help with day-to-day activities.

Home Health Aides

Those looking for medically trained professionals for home health care will need the assistance of a registered nurse, physical therapist, or another medical professional. Unlike home care aides, home health aides can administer medications, carry out basic medical tests, provide skilled nursing services such as wound care and pain management, and monitor the patient's health status. Their services are most frequently required after a patient is discharged from a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or rehabilitation program.

Respite Caregivers

Respite caregivers are a type of home care aid whose specific purpose is to offer respite to family caregivers, allowing them time to enjoy the activities they love most and reduce their stress load without sacrificing the safety or comfort of the loved ones under their care. Hiring a professional for respite care can significantly reduce caregivers' stress levels and improve their relationships with the family members under their care. One of the benefits of hiring respite caregivers is that their services typically come at a lower price than those offered by more comprehensive home care and home health aides, as they typically bill by the hour.

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